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Vizio Soundbar Universal Remote Codes & Program Instructions

Do you need universal remote control codes for the Vizio soundbar? So read this! If you own the Vizio (VB) soundbar and want to control it using your favorite universal remote or your cable or the SAT remote, we have all the codes you need. Don’t forget to check Ge Universal Remote Codes For Vizio Sound Bar.

Vizio Soundbar Universal Remote Codes

If you have the right remote codes and the right programming guide, this VB can be controlled using any of your favorite universal remotes.

Vizio Soundbar Universal Remote Codes

Universal 5-digit remote control codes for the Vizio soundbar:

  • 1009
  • 31517
  • 32454
  • 31975
  • 11144

4-digit universal remote control codes for Vizio soundbar:

  • 1517
  • 0660
  • 0883

Xfinity Remote Code Vizio Soundbar

  • 11758
  • 11756
  • 10864
  • 10885
  • 10178

Some other important codes that work with the VB are VSB200, SB3820, VSB201, VHT215, and S3821. We have tested these codes on Comcast, Verizon Fios remotes, Xfinity X5, Uverse, U-Verse, S10-S3, S10-S4, Atlas 1056B03, etc.

Now you need to program your favorite remote control and then you can use it with your sound bar. You can get the best methods below to program your remote to work with the soundbar.

Note: Some soundbars are programmed to accept the other IR to control them. So, apply TV Volume IR in Vizio SB.

How to program the Vizio Soundbar universal remote control without codes

In the automatic search method, all universal remote control codes have gone through a scanning process in the remote control. It scans one code at a time to find the correct remote code that works with your remote to program the command. Follow the instructions below:

  1. “Light up” smart device like “TV” that you want the universal remote to work.
  2. “Light up” remote control, press the button on the device (TV, DVD, CBL, and OK / SEL) for 3 seconds. The LED indicator indicates that the device is ready to be programmed.
  3. Point the remote control at the device and click the “CH +” & “CH-” switches. The remote will display the on / off signals. hurry “up” Where “down” continuously until the device switches off.
  4. Check the code by clicking on the “Power” key. The device must light up. If it starts, try changing the channel to verify that the remote is correctly programmed.
  5. Now press the “device” button to save the code. The device LED will blink twice to confirm the stored code.

How to program the Vizio soundbar Universal remote control with the manual method

Using the key code we can easily program a universal remote control and the key code identifies the make and model of your equipment.

  • You must first “Turn on the device”
  • Press the “TV” On your “Vizio Soundbar universal remote control”
  • Now press and hold the “Configuration button” on the universal remote until it displays the “Bright flash” (This means it is in “learning mode”)
  • Finally, enter the “Key code” that you have found in the programming guide (Instruction booklet)
  • Once you have done this procedure, all you need to do is “Point your remote control at the television” and then “Press and hold the power” button
  • You can release the “Power button” every time the screen turns off

That’s it, your TV will work fine now with the universal remote control, if your device does not work then try repeating the same procedure with a different code from the same part of the reference table.

How to program the Vizio Soundbar universal remote control with Code search

If you can’t find the key code that works for the device at that time, you can configure your universal remote to search for the correct one. It’s a code in the manual that forces the remote into search mode

  • First of all “Turn on the device”
  • Now press and hold the “To install” button
  • Enter the “9-9-1” code (three digits)
  • Now hold the “Power button” on the remote control, then press the channel up until the device in this case your TV “Off”

The above method may take a little longer, but finding your key code is very important. Once you have completed the above procedure, your remote control should work for all functions.

We hope the above methods and codes have been used to program your Vizio soundbar and also for your favorite remote control. These methods are used for setting up the Vizio Soundbar remote control.

Now we will mention other methods to solve some problems. So check them once.

Fix Verizon Fios key

If you have perfectly programmed your remote control but certain keys such as VOL, Mute or A / V keys do not work, you need to follow the key fix method below to fix.

  • Simply press and hold “OKAY” and “*” simultaneously. Thus, the RED LED will blink twice after which it will stay on.
  • Now press and hold the which is “It does not work” correctly. Therefore, the remote control can try alternative codes every 1 second.
  • You can “Release the key” whenever the “The TV responds correctly”
  • Finally, press “OKAY” Then it will automatically save the current settings.

Even so, some of the remote control codes may not work with configurations such as the cable TV remote control model or the satellite TV remote control. Next, you need to program the unsupported device by configuring each key individually to send a code.

This means that every button or key on your remote needs to be programmed to the remote, then it will work. Each remote function will work by sending a code to the soundbar.

Vizio sound bar and U remote control fix to

  • By using the “code 1009”, you can program the Vizio sound bar on the “TV” button on the remote control.
  • Use “Manual Code” or “Auto Scan Mode” to program your TV with the “DVD Key” on the remote.
  • You must send the “Volume to TV Button” for that simply “Press ATT” then “Press OK” and after that “Enter 955” then on the button “Press TV”
  • Suppose if you want to “Power off” at the same time, you need to “Press ATT” and then “OK” buttons, release, enter 977, press “ATT” again, then press “DVD” and “buttons TV ”, then press“ Enter ”button.


If the codes mentioned above do not work for you, leave a comment mentioning the model number of your remote control as well as the model number of the soundbar. Then we can find the right codes or the right programming method.

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