Roku TV Universal Remote Codes & Program Instructions

Universal remote control codes for Roku TV: Below we provide the universal roku remote control codes which are intended for most devices. To use these codes, you need to program your roku tv with your universal remote using the easy methods we have mentioned in the lines below. 11756, 11602, 12434, 12290, 12292 DirecTV Universal … Read more

GE Universal Remote Codes & Program Instructions

We are having plenty of gadgets in our domestic nowadays. Likewise, we have, a TV, CD Players, Set-top field and much greater. Every tool comes with its own remote which we should use to perform such gadgets. Here we have shared working General Electronics Universal Remote Codes. But every now and then we get burdened … Read more

Spectrum Universal Remote Codes & Program Instructions

Spectrum having more than 26 different type of universal remote such as spectrum remote codes rc122, spectrum remote urc1160, spectrum ur2-rf-chd and spectrum remote ur5u-8790l tv codes etc. Below we provided every remote universal codes of Spectrum. These universal remote codes are the latest and also worked for most of the users. These universal codes … Read more

GE DVR Universal Remote Codes

By using GE DVR universal remote control codes, you can manage various devices with one remote control. It is not magic, everything becomes possible thanks to the technology and functional GE DVR universal remote control codes which I will share in this article. So if you were looking for universal GE DVR remote control codes, … Read more

9 Best Universal Remotes

When you have a streaming stick (or two), a cable box, a soundbar, and a TV, it helps to have one of the best universal remotes to control everything from one device. A universal remote consolidates and automates a number of tasks—such as turning on your TV and soundbar and changing everything to the right … Read more