Supersonic DVD Universal Remote Codes

If you want to program your Supersonic DVD player with your favorite universal remote, check out the programming methods mentioned below with working Supersonic DVD universal remote codes. Supersonic DVD universal remote control 4-digit codes 0805 0264 0698 0208 0556 0096 Supersonic DVD universal remote control codes for one for all 0208 0096 How to … Read more

Sylvania DVD Player Universal Remote Codes

Do you have the Sylvania DVD player? and are you looking for universal remote control codes to operate your dvd player with your favorite remote. Actually, it can be controlled by any kind of universal remote and you just need to get the correct and working codes and then you can easily program them to … Read more

Dynex DVD Player Universal Remote Codes

On any device in your home entertainment system, do you have any idea how everything can be controlled from a single remote? If you have a Dynex DVD remote, you can use it to work with multiple devices. It only takes a few steps to program the remote with the very important unique Dynex DVD … Read more

Logik DVD Player Universal Remote Codes

Are you tired of using a lot of remotes to control every device that sometimes ends up choosing the wrong one? Take the obstacle of using many remote controls and let the wonders of the Logik DVD player remote control take control. It is one of the most powerful and reliable universal remote control brands … Read more